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Magnetic Accents - Accents 001


Magnetic Accents - Accents 001

Easy to Apply · No Adhesive Needed · Reusable

  • 3 small secure magnets end to end for a budge-proof fit
  • Top lash and bottom lash lock together
  • Pre-curved band for perfect contour fit
  • 100% human hair
  • Most natural accent lash

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I am not sure why the reviews for these lashes are mixed. A lot of people talk about how they're really hard to put on and don't attach to the lash line properly, but I absolutely love these. Yes, it does take you a few tries to learn how to use them, but after you've figured it out, it takes me no longer than about 15 seconds per eye, which is much better than breaking out the glue. Taking it off is even easier. The best way to put these on is to ignore Ardell's instructions. I hold the bottom lash firmly to my lash line. Then I guide the top lash until it sticks to the bottom lash. If you hold the bottom one firm, then it will almost always attach itself to the lash line. I love these accent ones and my only comment would be that I wish I had a better case for them especially when travelling.


I see a lot of comments on how these lashes are difficult to apply, the trick is to place the top one on first and then go in with the second very close to the water line perpendicularly, I wear these almost daily and they're a solid every day lash with proper maintenance and care I have been using these for about two weeks. If you are losing the shape I would take the two end magnets and put them together to form a circle keep that for a few seconds and then unattached it will make them easier to put on as well and extend the life of them.


Just got these, and they are really nice! Love the idea of avoiding the stinky glue near my eyeballs and re-usability. Was able to apply fairly easily, though there is a bit of a learning curve. Will need to practice if I want to use on a daily basis. I do agree with other reviewers that the packaging could really be improved, the adhesive is pretty strong and I lost a few hairs :(. Remove with care by peeling gently while holding the stuck lash hairs, not just yanking by the plastic lash base. Also, I would not mind paying for a more sturdy case, with a real lid because they are reusable and would want to store them nicely.


The circles of glue holding the lashes in the package transfer and ruin the lash straight from package

Kelley ODay

NO NO NO. Impossible to apply. I spent an hour in a magnifying mirror working these lashes and they never worked. I think the intention is good, but they are so hard to get to may get one side to adhere, but not the other side. They just will not lie properly at the lash line.


My all time favorite lashes. I wear my accents every day.

Ashley Shaw

These are my new everyday lashes. It only took a few times to learn to apply them well so that they are close to the lash line and blend in. VERY natural looking, just looks like you have awesome lashes, not fake lashes. Only two complaints. #1: they are reusable but the case they come in literally has the lashes stuck to it with a sticker instead of maybe a magnetic storage box. #2: the first set I bought were totally defective and the magnets were not magnetic at all. You could put the two sides together and they did not stick at all. I had to go and exchange them hoping the second purchase would be better.


I LOVE these lashes! I've been glueing my lashes on for 10 plus years and this is a game changer for me, I'm so excited.


Love these!!I have been buying the expensive One Two Lash ones but these are better because there are three magnets but most of all I like them because the base is curved so they go on much easier than the One Two lashes which are straight.


These are awful. Not only are they difficult to apply and difficult to get off, you can't really cut them to size. There isn't a magnetic strip all the way through, it is just here and there. If you TRY to cut them, you have to cut it right where the magnet is and then they are either too long still or now too small. Also very hard to line up properly and once you do if you happen to get the lashes a little too far left or right, you have to start the frustrating process all over again. They also look very fake. There is a clear line from one side to the other and does not blend with natural lashes. And DO NOT DROP THEM! In your futile quest to have the top and bottom line up correctly, if you should drop them accidentally, they disappear. Since they stick to anything metal, they stick to something somewhere and you can never find them again. $15+ right down the drain.


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