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Magnetic Lashes - Double Wispies


Magnetic Lashes - Double Wispies

Easy to Apply · No Adhesive Needed · Reusable

  • 4 small secure magnets end to end for a budge proof fit
  • Top lash and bottom lash lock together
  • Pre-curved band for perfect contour fit
  • 100% human hair
  • Iconic Wispie style
  • Extra length & volume

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Reviews (8)


I have tried and tried to get these on. I gave up and threw them away. They are the same size off but when you put them on your lashes the top lash becomes shorter than the bottom and the magnets won't line up. Waste of $15.


I bought these and the demi double wispies. I would give these a 2/10. They are too long for my eyes and are odd looking. The main reason for the low rating is that the left side will not stay on. I can line them up but they will not stay together. My other set works fantastic. I believe this set is faulty. They will stick to each other before I put them on but not once placed on my lashes. Complete waste of my money.


I have recently become very allergic to lash adhesive, even the 100% natural ingredient glues. I had only seen bad reviews for ALL brands of magnetic lashes, but as a girl that has been wearing lashes every day for 8 years, magnetic lashes were my last chance. I would just like to say, all of the negative videos are wrong!! These magnetic lashes are AMAZING!! They look like extensions and they do take a little bit to figure out, however, after my first try, I had them looking fabulous and they only take me 3-5 tops to put on! I'd love to be an advocate for Ardell's magnetic lashes, as I posted a photo of them on me, and have had RAVE reviews from everyone- because everyone doubts them because of the negative reviews out there, of people who CLEARLY are impatient or don't understand what to do. Thank you Ardell! I'd love to send you a photo of them on me, for your reference. I'm from Australia and these are the only lashes that truly work! Thank you thank you!

Rena L

These lashes were terrible!! it took me almost 1.5 hours to finally get the magnets to latch/catch close enough to the lash line for it to look anywhere real and then 5 blinks later they've moved completely off the lashes and on to the floor. Wasted $20 on these piece of crap!


I was horribly dissapointed but glad I found out before buying more expensive ones. I went through videos and tried over an hour. They do not connect close enough to a lash line to look good and when they do, they shift and move with every blink. I will stick with glue until they improve!

Malani Sparks

I loved the thought of a clueless, magnetic lash... but now that I've tried to use them, I wish I didn't waste my money. I love Ardell so much so I assumed I was gonna love these. Sadly, that's not the case. They are impossible to put on, like way WAY harder to put on than regular lashes. The magnets keep getting stuck to my tweezers and poking me in the eye. I got pretty close to a success at one point, but then I blinked and everything just went horribly. The lashes are beautiful but I just can't; I might as well put on a regular pair of lashes or this amount of effort.


These are awful. Not only are they difficult to apply and difficult to get off, you can't really cut them to size. There isn't a magnetic strip all the way through, it is just here and there. If you TRY to cut them, you have to cut it right where the magnet is and then they are either too long still or now too small. Also very hard to line up properly and once you do if you happen to get the lashes a little too far left or right, you have to start the frustrating process all over again. They also look very fake. There is a clear line from one side to the other and does not blend with natural lashes. And DO NOT DROP THEM! In your futile quest to have the top and bottom line up correctly, if you should drop them accidentally, they disappear. Since they stick to anything metal, they stick to something somewhere and you can never find them again. $15+ right down the drain.

Mrs. J Holliday

I purchased the magnetic lashes from Sally's and really love them. I've had the other magnetic lashes before the half one's are accent ones. I like these much better. I notice that the magnetic for the bottom lashes where placed the same way as the top lashes...which should be changed...also you need to put some adhesive on the box when replacing the lashes back in the box so the lashes can keep that curve shape and make it easier to put on. I had to use a small amount of glue on the top lashes near the edge to keep them in place. I work with a lot of women and they call me the advertisement woman because when I find a product I share information with everyone.


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