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Magnetic Lashes - Double 110


Magnetic Lashes - Double 110

Easy to Apply · No Adhesive Needed · Reusable

  • 4 small secure magnets end to end for a budge proof fit
  • Top lash and bottom lash lock together
  • Pre-curved band for perfect contour fit
  • 100% human hair
  • Most natural full strip lash

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Both lashes had magnets that didn't stick no matter what. I cut the bottom lash to see it it helped but the magnets were too weak or small and didn't want to stick. How do I get my money back or send me another pair with stronger magnets. Willing to try again.

Emillie nystoruk

the magnets on one eye wouldn't even stick together and the other eye the magnets were so weak that they fell off after 10 minutes, tried with and without mascara, neither worked, even when they werent on my eyes they barely stayed together. complete waste of money, bought a pair on ebay for 5$ that are 10x better


I purchased Double Wispies at Ulta and then watched several YouTube videos for instructions and tips about applying the lashes. Here's the deal -- the Ardell lashes are designed wrong. I went back to Ulta to see if I purchased an odd pair that weren't right, but no! All of the lashes on display are just like mine! All instructions indicate that when you apply the lashes the magnets need to be facing each other to click into place sandwiching natural lashes between the two strips. But the bottom strip on the Ardell lashes has the magnets ON THE WRONG SIDE making it impossible to "click them into place". Now I am wondering how so many people are experiencing success with the Ardell lashes. Did the Ulta in my town just happen to get the lashes that are made incorrectly?


Hi, I'm curious why these even went out on the market when they don't wear nicely at all. I was excited to buy them to wear between getting lash extensions done and not have to glue strips on anymore. I had so much trouble putting them on I had to cut off the inner magnet cause they were too big for my eyes, after doing that they went on better but they constantly slide down and the ends detach from my lashes constantly. Definitely disappointing and not worth 16.95. I even bought a new pack to try it again and the first wear they constantly kept sliding and looking half off. Should definitely consider remaking and finding a way for them to be more secure on lashes.


I had such high hopes for these lashes. They looked so pretty in the package, and I was looking forward to an easy application. Unfortunately, that is not what I experienced. These lashes are extremely difficult to put on. The magnet pulls the top lash forward before you can get the bottom lash where you want it to be. On top of that, less than 10 minutes into me owning them, one of the magnets fell off. I got mine at Ulta for $15.00. These lashes are definitely NOT worth the money or the time.


I've never been able to apply fake lashes, and I will say these had a bit of a learning curve. However, after a little modifying of these lashes (cutting the bottoms up and curling the base) they are like magic! Super easy to apply once you get the hang of it, they look even better than glue on lashes, and they lasted me all day, even after some moderate wind. Thank you, Ardell!


My favorite lash for everday. I cut mine in half and wear them as a demi lash. It would be nice to buy them as a value pack of two or more. I have found that with everyday use the lashes lose their curl pattern. I try to buy an extra pair with each purchase.


Chris is smoking something lol. I cut one magnet off of these up to the next magnet and then they fit perfectly. This brand is the EASIEST to get on and off...that's why I say Chris is smoking something, lol. I've tried other brands and these are AMAZING. I wish they made multi packs at a discounted rate though because they start to lose curl after about a week of wearing them every day so I'm having trouble supporting my new addiction to these. I get SO many compliments!!!


These are awful. Not only are they difficult to apply and difficult to get off, you can't really cut them to size. There isn't a magnetic strip all the way through, it is just here and there. If you TRY to cut them, you have to cut it right where the magnet is and then they are either too long still or now too small. Also very hard to line up properly and once you do if you happen to get the lashes a little too far left or right, you have to start the frustrating process all over again. They also look very fake. There is a clear line from one side to the other and does not blend with natural lashes. And DO NOT DROP THEM! In your futile quest to have the top and bottom line up correctly, if you should drop them accidentally, they disappear. Since they stick to anything metal, they stick to something somewhere and you can never find them again. $15+ right down the drain.


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