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Brow Shapers


Style Pack of Brow Stencils to define and shape brows.

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These were the best and I cannot find them anywhere! If I pluck my brows strand by strand, it is actually more painful than using these. These are easier to position and less messy than wax. I hope I can find them again.

Rebecca Edlin

I love these and can no longer find in stores. I will not take the time or spend the money on myself to go to a salon on a regular basis so these took care of my eyebrows just fine!!! Please help me find them.


Amazing product the only problem that it is not too many in one box and I run out of it quick.

It is also hard to get in regular drugstores they used to carry it all the time now I am on a hunt for it! Ordering online though is not an option as I pay more for the hipping than the item itself.


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