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Brow Pomade Dark Brown


Sculpt, fill-in and set brows in place all day with just one product! Ardell’s Brow Pomade combines the work of a powder, pencil and gel into one easy-to-use pomade. This formula is light, highly pigmented, glides on smooth and blends effortlessly. A little goes a long way and last all day. Use the angled tip brush to create clean precise lines and for easy shading.

How to Use

  • 1. Using the spoolie end of the brush, brush brow hairs upward.
  • 2. Using the angled tip brush, outline the bottom and top of your brow with a small amount of product.
  • 3. Lightly fill in brow. Stay within the outline and extend where needed.
  • 4. Using the spoolie, blend and pull color through filling in any gaps.

CAUTION: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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Reviews (16)


This is the most amazing brow product I have ever used! So easy to apply. There is only one thing missing - there is no cap for the brush. I will definitely be buying again!


After many years of trying different brow products, I recently found Ardell Brow Pomade. It is by far the best product I have ever used. I'm 100% happy with the results, and I absolutely love it.


This pomade has become a must-have in my make up collection. I have similar pomades by ABH and Benefit but they don't hold a candle to the long wear of Ardell. Admittedly, there are not many shades but the medium brown matches better than any other I've used. I'm not sure why people say there's shimmer. There is none in the medium brown shade. It is very matte. For those who complain of the "dryness," pro-tip: warm it up by spreading it on the lid with the brush first, like a wax. It's designed to last all day so it's a thicker consistency than most expect.

Annabel McManagan

Hey Ardell lashes, this product is definitely worth the money spent although I was concerned to see that it contained glitter in the pomade. I don't know wether this glitter serves a purpose or not but my idea of eyebrows is no glitter. This product is without a doubt easy-to-use, light, highly pigmented and glides/ blends effortlessly although if you break a sweat your eyebrows are gone so I don't agree that it lasts all day. This product would be perfect if slight changes were made although I lam a fan of your brow pomade and will continue to use it regularly, thank you for your time x

Joanne J

This is my first Brow Pomade, so I can't compare it to another brand but it's much nicer than a pencil or powder. I've had mine for 3 months and it hasn't dried up. I also love the brush that comes with it. Overall, great products at a great price.

izzy andrade

recently bought this, love the brush and will probabably be using that but the POMADE HAS SHIMMER?? like a lot of it, very noticeable and no where on here does it say shimmer is a component, was disappointed as this was my first ardell product ;/

Karen M Darsey

I recently purchased the brow pomade kit in blond at a nearby Sally's and when I got home the product seemed to be dried out. I contacted Sally's and they said that it was supposed to be that way. I don't feel that the product should have a dry grainy (sandy) texture. It does not go on smoothly, is it suppose to be like this?

dobrina stoyanova

Can you tell me the price for brow pomade and if i can get in Cyprus?


Hi, I don't really like this brow pomade, I love the brush, but the pomade gives and ashy finish, crumbles up on brows, and looks very dry, and is hard to apply on the brush as well. I would recommend that you guys definitely change this product, making it a brow gel for a smoother glowy finish. It would be so awesome if you changed it.


I got one in blonde about a month ago, an I'm in love! I heard about them drying out, and have made sure to close mine the second i am done using it. I use this daily and so far havent had any problems with it. Its easy to blend throughout my brows for days that I want a more natural look, or define them on days that I do a fuller face of makeup. I love it!


I have the same issue. I have 2 sets of each color. 1 set for home and 1 for my studio. Both Med Browns dried up. So far both blondes and dark browns have lasted. I love the product but don't like that it dries out. I don't leave them open.

Devin Hardin

I have had the same problem as the other reviewer. I bought the brown and it was great for a week or so, then became dried out and impossible to use. I thought maybe I left it open or something. I bought another on in blonde, and it did the exact same thing. I made sure that I stored it correctly to avoid the drying out. I like the product when it is moist and works as it should; however, over all I am very disappointed because each of these products cost about $10 a piece and should have lost much, much longer.


Hello there. I've bought your products before and they're great. But this one wasn't: the brow pomade was completely dry and cakey when I opened the product. The drugstore told me to write to you, but your online contact form doesn't work. Please let me know how I may replace this product--am happy to send back to you. Many thanks. As I say, otherwise your products are GREAT.


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