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Brow Shapers


Style Pack of Brow Stencils to define and shape brows.


How to Use



2016-05-13 22:27:28

Stephanie 2013-12-29 17:24:23

These were the best and I cannot find them anywhere! If I pluck my brows strand by strand, it is actually more painful than using these. These are easier to position and less messy than wax. I hope I can find them again.

Rebecca Edlin 2013-10-04 10:09:39

I love these and can no longer find in stores. I will not take the time or spend the money on myself to go to a salon on a regular basis so these took care of my eyebrows just fine!!! Please help me find them.

Se 2013-02-17 12:15:45

Amazing product the only problem that it is not too many in one box and I run out of it quick.

It is also hard to get in regular drugstores they used to carry it all the time now I am on a hunt for it! Ordering online though is not an option as I pay more for the hipping than the item itself.

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