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Mechanical Brow Pencil Dark Brown

Dual Purpose Triangular Tip For Precise Definition Creating a Fuller Brow

This easy-to-use triangular shaped mechanical pencil has a fine pointed tip that creates thin lines and a flat tip that creates thick lines allowing you to build color and definition. Apply heavily for a full brow or lightly for a more natural effect.


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Ana 2017-05-23 15:32:58

I love this product, my only concern is that it doesn't offer too many shades. I try to make the soft brown work, but since I have red hair, it's very difficult. If only you could make something similar to auburn it would be PERFECT.

Pam 2017-04-25 17:31:37

How the heck do you get it to work!? Have been twisting and monkeying with it...No idea how to get it up

Lela 2016-10-16 11:13:04

Bought this yesterday at CVS. Really like the Blonde as not too dark like others I have tried. Easy to use just seeing if it last all day

Silvia 2016-01-12 20:14:39

I bought this like 2 months ago, it works really well!!! A few days ago I started to notice a hype for the ABH brow definer, and to be honest is pretty similar but the Anastasia's is $23 dollars which is pretty expensive... So stick to this one, it a really good product.

Mandie Mac 2015-10-28 07:49:23

Listen!!!!! I have very blond hair and eyebrows naturally so I have been HUNTING for a good creamy eyebrow pencil. I tried anistia Beverly hills brow wiz, worked nice but was way to dark and expensive, also the ABH brow pot, same thing nice product but to expensive and to dark. I have tried the pur minerals, great pencil however the cost and amount of product is not worth the hassel. on a whim I tried this ardell eyebrow pencil!!!! OMGoodness. perfect shade for my light hair, and the angel of the product gives me that perfect crisp line!!! love love love! next time I buy this I will be stocking up on it!!!! FAB

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